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The question posed included various reasons the publisher suspected a downgrade, including negative SEO from competitors. "My site is no longer appearing in search results. There are no violations on my site, and it completely stopped appearing as of March 12. It is a Google News approved site. I have received over 3,000 bad backlinks from my competitors and more fake DMCA complaints from my competitors than I have countered and am awaiting Google's response. Why is company employee list my site de-indexed, demoted in Google when there is no violation on my site? »Google's perspective on downgrading vs. de-indexing John Mueller begins to answer the question by clarifying what it means for a site to experience a downgrade. Although demotion is not a term used with Google, we understand that it is a word to describe a website that has lost rankings and visibility in searches. John's answer to the question: “It's really hard to say, without a site. So it's something I would generally recommend in a case like this to post this in a webmaster help forum; where there is a group of people who can take a look at your site. On one hand you say your site is no longer showing up, then the last question is, why is my site de-indexed or demoted

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