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I have a big ask. This morning as I was raking up the leaves from the snow apocalypse and weeding the dandelions I was depressed because while I wanted to run for Congress during the jungle primary, I lack the means. I have some money saved but it's not enough. I need another $1,500 to pay the filing fee and without, I won't be able to weed in Washington. If you are like me, you must be sick, frustrated and angry at the way Washington cavalierly spends money whilst you focus on your next paycheck. That needs to end. If elected, I would put the American worker first. After all, they pay most of the taxes. That means expanding medicare/medicaid and adjusting salaries with a higher minimum wage. $15 has been proposed, heck Josh Hawley even agrees, so let's start there. The DNC does not care about workers only their contributors. Let me be one of those who speaks for the workers. Thank you for your consideration and any help you can give.

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