Michael Ballantine declares he is in the race for the 6th district of Texas.

My family and I offer our deepest well wishes to the family of Congressman Wright. I had planned on running for office in 2022 when new districts were apportioned; however, Congressman Wright's untimely passing has moved up those plans and now I must enter the race. Texas doesn't really have parties exactly, we're an open party state. Although I could easily be called a purple person because I am social liberal and fiscally conservative, I will align myself with the GOP for now. I strongly believe that we need to have a free and open dialogue and that puts me at odds with the DNC. Further, we need to have a strong oil and gas industry here in Texas and strong border controls. Those issues also put me at odds with the DNC. However, I support a much broader Medicare and Medicaid programs and I would love to compare my ideas with those of former Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard. I support a $15 minimum wage if immigration reform is enacted and implemented. I believe that the DNC exceeded its authority when it unconstitutionally attacked President Trump and his acquittal today is welcome news. All Patriots need to unite and move American forward in a concise and logical manner. Thank you for your support.

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