Genealogy and history

Every couple of years, I get the urge to go back in time and discover new ancestors. Each time, I am surprised by the struggles that many of my ancestors faced and how they must have worked hard to overcome them. This time I got back to King John. Apparently, almost every American with some English blood can get to King John but it was fun to finally make the connection. And, that is what I realized that nearly every American must be related in some way making us one giant family. President Biden wants to advance the concept of reparations for descendants of former slaves. Essentially, he wants to transfer wealth from one family to another; well actually many families because we cannot forget the 10s of millions of immigrants that have come to America since the civil war.

One thing I discovered was how many of my ancestors fought in the war. Thankfully, I can claim they all fought for the north. That was a war between the family because most of the people here in 1860 could again connect to King John. I am not sure what President Biden expects because we cannot transfer wealth based on skin color alone. Take President Obama for instance, he is a Black American but he is not descended from slaves, quite the opposite. Do we exempt people based on their genealogy, their DNA, or their economic position? Reparations are more like winning a lottery than something one deserves.

America imposed reparations on Germany following World War I. We did not do the same following World War II because we understood, reparations led to the next war. In the same vein, if we impose reparations on non-black Americans to transfer wealth to Black Americans, one can easily imagine White Supremacists coming out of the closet by the millions. People that did not know they were capable of hatred would suddenly find a reason to hate. We cannot be a nation of equality when we are now unequal. There are those that claim there is widespread systemic racism. I'm sure there are racist elements in America, they in fact exist in every nation. The only way one could maintain a civil structure in a reparations based society is to separate those who receive their new found wealth and those who do not to prevent the unintended consequences. Separate but equal, that sounds familiar. Are we really as a nation going to return to a policy of separate but equal?

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